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Host Machine Of Lime Sand Production Line 4 1

Host Machine Of Lime Sand Production Line 4 1
Host Machine Of Lime Sand Production Line 4 1
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Product Description

Host Machine Of Lime Sand Production Line 4 1

Autoclaved aerated sand lime brick plant

  • ISO9001/CE
  • Germany technology,Japan PLC,Siemens motors
  • 40 lines overseas 

Bidirectional hydraulic molding technology:

  • Huge molding pressure, unique bidirectional-way pressing ensure that raw material is interface structure,Compact and uniform.
  • Semi-rigid mixed materials, accurate bidirectional high-pressure molding products after geometric elements, the error is only ± 1mm. Late dry shrinkage is negligible.
  • High intensity, especially for the use of waste incineration slag, fly ash, lime sand, coal Waste rock, slag, waste to make unburned load-bearing and non-load-bearing type of the brick and block, powder.The amount of coal ash mixed with ups to 70%
  • Lower the cost of raw materials, each incorporation of the required strength ratio.
  • Without forming pallets, molding products can code heap, reducing the manufacturing costs of the late.

Fully automatic bidirectional hydraulic Host Machine Introduction:

The fully automatic bidirectional hydraulic brick making machine is Patented products with independent intellectual property in Kunshan City Shengda Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

It is controlled by the PLC, a mechanical, electrical hydraulic pressure in one of the bidirectional static pressure molding machine, can auto-complete suppression of the pressing process,, Folder, tiles and fabrics; and able to produce all kinds of fly ash and gray bricks

Brick, porous blind hole bricks, hollow bricks of porous blind hole, and energy-saving brick. The host has the following main characteristic:

  • A unique bidirectional static pressure molding patented technology design;
  • The density of material changes in the production process, with automatic adjustment function;with touch screen operation and display functions, reducing the electrical fault due to poor environmental conditions
  • The work of the mold liner in more than 15 million times, easy to replace, generally grinding the second increase
  • The service life of the liner;
  • The upper and lower mold using a unique non-stick mold material, completely solve the problem of sticking
  • Have the functions of sub-pressure, venting.Air can be fully discharged in the process of repression.Thus solve the small crack problem in other models due to poor exhaust has the function of the uniform mixing, reduce the influence of host machine mixing
  • The host hollow brick mold is installed, adjust raw material amount to produce 240x115x90 or 240x115x115 two size, and after change the molds it can produce 240x190x90 or 240x190x115 . Change the solid brick mould can produce 240x115x53mm bricks. And also can produce many kinds of blocks just change the moulds(including energy-saving bricks).